Resuscitating MapRabbit

A few years ago I installed WordPress, but never got around to posting anything. That was a very busy time for me, and after a couple of years of neglecting to keep WordPress updated, the site got hacked. The hacker had replaced my blog with an interesting image of a flaming skull.  It was the most interesting thing that had ever been posted to the site, so I decided that was a sign I didn’t have enough time to bother with blogging and removed WordPress.

Recently, however, a friend of mine suggested I write about one of my projects, and he was surprised to learn that I didn’t maintain a blog.  Having completed my graduate degree last May, I have a bit more free time, so I’ve decided to give MapRabbit another try.  There are many, many GIS blogs to read with more interesting and useful information than anything I expect to post here, but at the very least MapRabbit will serve as a place to keep a few notes about what I’m working on.

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